May Cover:

Great, Giving God, to whom we are moved by Love and Joy to praise and to offer thanksgiving.

You are the springtime of our souls and of the earth upon which we live.

Thank you for those tiny nudges and for the green, growing shoots, both opening to light and new life, to the ever becoming of the flower of true being.

Thank you that we may delight in the beauty of creation and be drawn into your prayer of intercession.

Jean Barker, SCHC



Thank you, Lord, for the rising of the sun, the soft sound of the ocean lapping on the sand, for the waning moon and for the time to BE—to be in your presence, to be still and to know that you are always with us.

Patricia L. Gaukler, SCHC



Bountiful God, thank you for the precious gift of life. You created each of us—equally loved, equally valued, equally celebrated. I pray that I can follow your example and treat others as equals—celebrated, valued, and loved.

Melanie Baker, SCHC



Gracious God, lover of all peoples, open our hearts to be compassionate and make clear our vision to see the needs of others. Open the doors to access and opportunity to those who knock. Guide us to restore broken relationships, repair wrong doings and treat others as we would wish to be treated, as we follow the way of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Jan Bolger, Discerner



Lord, the world is so troubled that it is hard to find peace and reconciliation anywhere. Yet, I have to believe that estranged friends, families and communities are, as I write this prayer, taking steps to reconcile old wounds and forge new beginnings. We thank you for these small, often overlooked acts of reconciliation, and pray that they will spread out to broader communities and renew the face of the earth.

Sarah Braik, SCHC



I give thanks for the blessing of light, in all its forms: sunlight, moonlight, starlight, the light of wisdom and insight, the light of a smile, the Light of Christ, and even electric light, but most especially for that inner light that shines from the spirit of one person to touch another with affirmation or recognition, comfort or love, peace or joy, compassion or grace. Give thanks for the blessing of light.

Paula Lathrop, SCHC



Lord, by your grace, may we not fear or malign those who are different from us—in language, worship, social status, or culture. In their times of hardship, may we reach out to them in compassion and love, as Christ has reached out to us, remembering that we are all children of the same God, and to this we are called.

Ann Pelletier, SCHC