A faith-based community of women


Women’s prayer group. Spiritual growth community. Friendship network. As Companions, we are women united in prayer and companionship.

Since 1884, Companions have welcomed women who feel called to a life of prayer, thanksgiving and simplicity. We are from all walks of life and across the globe. We are single, married and partnered. We work and are retired. Above all, we are focused on spiritual growth, prayer life and companionship as Companions.

About 750 Companions meet regularly in 32 chapters across the U.S. and in India. There’s even a virtual chapter for those who don’t live near a chapter. Our home is Adelynrood, a historic conference and retreat center near Boston, where we gather for conferences, quiet days and spiritual programs.

Companions are more than a women’s prayer group. We are a volunteer organization focused on spirituality and supporting social justice, peace and unity. Companions are lay women and female clergy who are members of the Episcopal Church, who are members of any church in full communion with the Episcopal Church, or who desire to follow Jesus and want to share prayer, service and community. We welcome all women who desire to follow Jesus and our Companion vows.

Our vision is to bring transformation and reconciliation within ourselves, our Companionship and our faith communities as we work toward healing the world and all creation.


Companions are women committed to prayer, spiritual growth and simplicity of life.


As a nurturing community, Companions create lifelong bonds with each other as we share prayer, wisdom, creativity, laughter and acceptance of others.


We offer a unique combination of contemplation and action in the world, bound by prayer and our individual spiritual compasses.

Lynn Adams, Companion Northwest Chapter

"Companions is the circle where I feel seen and heard, liked and welcomed as my whole self. In turn, with Companions I learn how to see, hear and welcome others on a more intimate level than is common today. Talking with Companions feels like a series of interesting explorations. And not surprisingly, my prayer life has deepened significantly."

Companion, Northwest Chapter
Anne Campbell, Companion Ann Arbor Chapter

"My chapter is such a source of inspiration and strength with amazing women who have been contributors in so many ways. It’s a reminder that we always have something to give back. No matter how small or insignificant we think that contribution is, it makes a difference to someone else."

Companion, Ann Arbor Chapter
Trish Braga, Companion, Minnesota Chapter

“The Companions have been my support and the “big sisters” I never had. We have laughed and cried together and held each other’s hands through joy and grief. I can’t imagine life without them.”

Companion, Minnesota Chapter
Elise Keddie, Companion California Northern Chapter

"We have great diversity in how we engage in prayer and in living out our Aims. But there is a kinship that I have not found in other organizations: our relationship with Christ is applied to each other."

Companion, California Northern Chapter