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Prayer. Spiritual growth. Peace and social justice. Companions focus on these and more as a welcoming faith community of Christian women. We come from all walks of life. We are young. We are old. We are lively. We are reverent and sometimes a little irreverent. Yet, we all share a commitment to God to support each other through prayer, service, outreach, spiritual growth and fellowship.

Companions meet regularly through local chapters, regional conferences and at Adelynrood, our historic retreat and conference center near Boston. Wherever Companions gather, there is an oasis of calm and joy as we reflect on relationships, our life’s work and our personal growth.

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Join us THIS SUMMER at Adelynrood for a wide selection of programs ranging from spiritual direction to social justice to writing workshops.
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Why Companions come together


A supportive community for Christian women
A supportive community


Companions are a welcoming community for Christian women seeking personal spiritual growth among like-minded women. We share a spiritual sisterhood that supports being the person God created you to be without exception and with acceptance. From prayers to programs, Companions offer many ways to feed your spiritual growth.

Lasting friendships with women around the world is a hallmark of Companions
Lifelong bonds


Lasting friendships with women around the world is a hallmark of Companions. Our mission brings us together to pray, laugh and so much more. We discuss ideas. We accept differences. We value creativity. We share a common desire to be an instrument of God in every aspect of our lives. As a Companion, you are surrounded with love, respect and support.

Companions are rooted in prayer
At the heart


Companions are rooted in prayer. We pray for individuals and families. We connect our prayers with action in the world. We pray and work for social justice and peace. We pray for the unity of all God’s people and for the mission of God in the world. Companions eagerly support you with prayer and friendship as you embrace your spiritual journey.

What being a Companion means to me


Why become a Companion? Companions agree that this women’s group for spiritual growth carries automatic love and acceptance, even with Companions they don’t know very well. Being a Companion shrinks your world and enlarges it at the same time. It allows you to connect with a women’s prayer group that supports your spiritual journey.

“Even though I knew right away I wanted to become a Companion, I had no idea how rich the Companionship would be and how much it would come to mean to me.”


Companion, New York Chapter

Start your journey today


Bible, visit a chapter


There are Companion chapters across the U.S. and in India. We have a virtual group if you aren’t close to a chapter. We meet in churches or homes with varied formats and programs. Visit a chapter and experience how we interact in this spiritual community.

Contact a companion for a firsthand view of our welcoming faith community


We’re happy to connect you with a Companion in your area. She can share her experience, chapter activities and how the journey to becoming a Companion begins. Talk with a Companion for a firsthand view of our welcoming faith community.

Companions host local, regional and national programs


Companions host local, regional and national programs. Many are open to the community. Attend and learn how Companions share our spiritual lives and live out our ministries in the world.